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Will RegMerge be a popular freeware project?

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Jeremy Collake:
I am just curious to hear people's view, as I am dedicating time to this side project. I have a new bundled package I am preparing to release. For the first time I've consolidated 32-bit and 64-bit builds into a single package. I'm debating on the format though. I was going to use a traditional NSIS install, but then decided to go a different route - one I may later take with Process Lasso. The idea is to write our own custom installer. This will let us more easily customize the distribution, and remove unnecessary components. Most importantly, it will look less traditional.

I finally got time to catch up with the internet and this is amazing project. I believe this is going to be popular.
(half way of reading RegMerge related)

Jeremy Collake:
Once I get the consolidated installer done, I'll be using it in Process Lasso v6, which is a major leap forward. I have been dragging my feet too long, doing little maintenance and just not advancing things as rapidly as I should. I'm determined to do better, even if that means I have to start running a mile every morning to ensure I'm in peak physical condition.

Workaholic ;). Don't rush so, slow down a bit, take deep breath! :)

Jeremy Collake:
Competition my friend, must work as much and as hard as I am able. I really have no other choice, playing the cards dealt :)


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